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my dear loyal blog readers! Just to inform you that I’ve moved my blog!




wham bam…

•February 8, 2009 • 2 Comments

Found this cute lil fella outside my house…while I was doing my laundry and cleaning up the house…strange…he must’ve hit something while flying around…or had a heart attack…HEH!! Smelled kinda funky though…

If I had a dream of becoming Batman…I would’ve trashed that dream cos this is really NOT a good sign man! Hahaha!! Ya think?

Catch you guys later! I’ve got loads to write but haven’t got time…cheers!



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Hey peeps! Come come! Let’s go! Let’s go for Purevibracion‘s album launch which is happening at the…well…just check out the details below. I’m sure everyone will be there…plus there’ll be performances and it’s all FREE.


Sekali sekala…

•January 28, 2009 • 5 Comments

I was driving back one day…the roads were…typically packed…along LDP around 6.45pm…I was bored…my ipod was blasting Katy Perry…yeap! I like Katy Perry…the album gives me the ‘fix’ that I need sometimes…you guys should try listening to it and tell me if I’m wrong.

So it was kind of quiet…as if the moment had stopped…and I hear someone talking to me…sort of like trying to reach out…it was word-by-word

“HERE IT IS!!”…I took out my small little scribble book and started jotting down bits and pieces of what came to me…

“Biaq betoi,

Kepala bejamboi,

Tengok blakang, nampak ketam,

Ketam patuk, itik plak sepit,

Apa ceghita? Hang suka meghaban!

Tapi tunguuuuu……

Aku hanyalah emosi disebalik kikisan jiwa,

Hanyalah gelombang disebalik tangisan merdu anda,

Hanyalah kiasan yg sentiasa tercipta,

Mungkinkah ini keperibadiannya?

Ku mengenal pasti bangkitan perspepsi,

Dan menepis jangkitan luahan berjambu batu,

Manis dilihat, lambat digigit…manis yg tersendiri,

Biarkanlah daya tarikan menepis luahan perasaan,

Janji ayat ayat emo…sentiasa di ‘highlightkan’

Mungkinkah permulaan itu tembakan?

Atau hanya sebagai kejutan kepada jantung yg sentiasa mencari keseronokan?

Di saat itu, kepentingan terkejar-kejar,

Jeritan beribu batu pun…hanyalah hinggapan nyamuk di telinga…

Sesungguhnya ku rindukan ketajaman kediaman

Adakah? Pelik kah? Janggal kah?

Kita nantikan…”

Strange…don’t you think? But it made sense…I guess I should start writting back…

poor connection…

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Just want to say…I’m super frustrated with streamyx’s internet connection at my place. It really sucks!! Like I can’t even load a google page in a blink of an eye. Surprisingly it was like that before…not too sure what happened. It’s either they’ve slacked out, or they’re too busy upgrading their service. And it doesn’t help that their customer service rep is ‘super friendly’…

I really feel they should improve on their service overall…but in the meantime, I’m surveying for other providers…

By the way…this is a really cool link to test your connection speed. You guys should check it out!

Lighting setup (for EE)

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Got this link from one of my colleagues and fellow photographer…Radziah…or better known as OD. And to know I’ve already got this link before from a few people and I totally totally forgot about it. Like it never happened. Like they never told me before. Hahahaha…I guess that’s what happens when you have to many inputs…too many times…that you tend to neglect some things that passes by, and when it’s time when you need it most…you tremble and shake and wished you remembered. *LAUGH*

It’s normal isn’t it??

Anyway, here’s the link…

Displayed above is my simple setup for EE’s 2nd photoshoot. So it explains some inconsistency in lighting up the model. I know I have to use 4 lights…then I’m sure it’ll be superb…

Next time la kot! 🙂

EE’s 2nd photoshoot

•January 21, 2009 • 2 Comments

EE shoot happened sometime a while while back. These are some of the images taken and can be found at their official website. As said before, I used a different technique this time. I placed 2 lightings left and right…both 45 degrees towards the models, and lights bounced from the umbrella. Wanted to take pics of the setup…but as usual…too excited and completely forgot to do so. 🙂

So if you wanna get some really cool clothes for yourself (if you’re female)…or for your girlfriend…check them out ya? The price is quite good!